Transferring Completed AHIP Certifications to Carrier Websites

So you’ve completed your AHIP Certifications with CareValue’s link
(and saved $50!), now what?

Now you can begin the process of transferring your AHIP Certification to each carrier’s portal you’re contracted with, here are some quick tips on how to do it!

  1. Your completed AHIP certification CANNOT be transmitted directly from the AHIP website to CareValue, so please download a copy of your certification and email directly to contracting@carevalue.com
  2. How to Transfer Your Certification to a Carrier
    Upload/Attach: Some carriers allow you to upload/attach your certification in their portal.
    Automated Process: Another way is to transfer your certification to the carrier’s portal. Please note, you CANNOT transfer certifications from CareValue’s AHIP site, you MUST log into each carrier’s portal & each carrier’s AHIP site (in the same browser) in order to successfully transmit your AHIP Certifications. If the AHIP page says anything but the name of the carrier you’re trying to transmit to in the top right hand corner, transmission will fail (see screen grab below).
AHIP Carrier Certification Transfer


Aetna: is the ONLY carrier that will automatically populate your certifications once completed, so no action is needed for this carrier.
UnitedHealthcare: Please note you MUST use the browser Microsoft Edge to login into Jarvis and UHC’s AHIP site.

  1. Once signed into Jarvis, select Certifications from the left hand column
  2. If you are certifying via AHIP for UHC click on 2019 AHIP (EDC Only)
    1. Click OK on the pop up window
    2. Login UHC’s AHIP website
    3. Transfer certification from AHIP to UHC
    4. Click “I Comply” on the AHIP Certification for our EDC Partners pop-up window (Please note: if you are not using the browser Edge and/or not using UHC’s AHIP site, the “I Comply” button will not be visible and tramission will fail)

If do not want to certify via AHIP for UHC proceed to the 2019 Prerequisites (including Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans).

UHC AHIP Certification Transfer

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