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Once you have a prospect, how do you know what product is best? What are the competitors’ prices? Use our Quote Engine to stay up to date.

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Market Advisor Quoting Tool

We are pleased to provide our agents with the leading Market Advisor Quoting Tool. Save time and money with this unbiased approach to the most accurate rates, product knowledge, and underwriting. Provide your clients with peace of mind through this one stop comprehensive shop for Final Expense, Life Insurance, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement quotes, and much more.

You can easily quote your clients over the phone in an instant. It doesn’t matter if they’re in another county or state.

Assist your clients in a face-to-face consultation with Medicare fact-finder and store your clients’ drugs, prescriptions, and pharmacy.

You can quote on your tablet, phone, iPad, laptop — anywhere you have access to the internet!

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