Three ways to partner

There are three great ways to partner with Care Value for senior sales success.

  1. Lifetime commissions: earn first-year lifetime commissions by contracting with Medicare carriers in your area.
  2. Referrals: pass sales leads to an independent agent and earn a one-time referral fee every time someone enrolls in a plan.
  3. Recruitment: let us help you place a qualified agent in your office.

Simple, turnkey success system

Top notch service and support

A powerful advocate for your business

Year-round success

Rich product portfolio

As your national FMO channel, Care Value provides the quality leads you’ve been looking for: a customized list of relevant, qualified prospects.

Our knowledge of the insurance market and our on-line tracking systems help agents and brokers focus on the job of selling policies.

Care Value provides everything you need for success: continuous education and training, quality marketing materials, timely industry insights and market trends, and the best administrative support in the business.

Our advanced performance standard benefits everyone involved: providers, carriers, brokers, agents – and of course, seniors themselves.

Care Value is a respected voice in the industry, relaying your views to the nation’s largest carriers, and helping them refine their products to meet your clients’ needs.

AEP, IEP or SEP – we’re here to build your ROI!

We give you the tools and resources to keep enrolling new customers all year round.

As one of the fastest-growing insurance marketing organizations in the country, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of quality products.

We’re one of the top-producing brokers for UnitedHealthcare, and we represent many other large national carriers such as Humana and Mutual of Omaha.

What People Are Saying About Care Value

“I have been blessed with living in an extended family my entire life. It’s my great good fortune that the same positive environment now extends into my work place. With tremendous support and trust from Care Value, and flexibility in my schedule, I’m able to fulfil my dreams for both my family and my career. I am very proud to be a member of the Care Value family.”

Mallory Virts, Independent Agent.

“Care Value is a one-stop turnkey service which allows me to focus on what I do best…… selling!

The customer service is immediate and professional. The tools and support are well beyond expectation. Everything I need is right there in one place – the professional team has literally hundreds of years of combined experience, and it really shows.

With nearly 25 years’ experience myself, I’ve found Care Value to be unparalleled in their service to agents and agencies.”

Rand Robinson, Independent Agent

“I have worked with many different firms over the years and have found Care Value to be extremely responsive to my customers’ needs and really easy to work with. Their knowledgeable and professional team always goes the extra mile to meet the needs of independent agents. It’s simply a pleasure to do business with them.”

 Independent Agent

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