When you participate in the Walmart Retail Program, you have the opportunity to meet potential clients in a high-traffic area, while representing the carriers of your choice. This program allows CareValue agents the opportunity to reserve one of 4,600 stores during AEP season. CareValue Agents will be in a primary space in a Walmart store to answer questions and enroll customers in specific healthcare plans.

Walmart Retail Program

Store Locator
Step 1

Download the excel file to search the store locator. Rank your top three choices and send them to leads@carevalue.com. Please note, we cannot guarantee your preferences will be honored as this is determined by the HBH Walmart Retail program.

Credit Card Form
Step 2

Download the credit card authorization form and send the completed form to leads@carevalue.com. A  fee is required to reserve a store. Satisfy all the program/production requirements to be eligible for reimbursement through CareValue.

Contact Us
Step 3

Check your email inbox! All instructions will be coming directly from the HBH Walmart Retail program to your inbox, so keep an eye on it for mandatory training sessions and updates.

Program Details

  • Reservation fee payable at registration*
  • Check-in with the pharmacy is required
  • Daily agent reporting of 90% with zero no-shows
  • You must be contracted under CareValue with at least two of the top three Medicare Advantage carriers in your area and one Medicare Supplement carrier to participate
  • Agents must be in-store 20 hours per week, and at least three days per week
  • Must complete Medicare product certification by September 1st
  • Payment will be required to reserve a store(s) during each round. Please note your payment secures your request for the store. Refunds will not be issued if you do not to fulfill program requirements.

*Agents who meet production requirements will be eligible for reimbursement through CareValue.

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