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CareValue is a national Field Marketing Organization (FMO) located in upstate New York, and specializing in the senior insurance market. Our team has 100 years’ combined experience, and the powerful resources you need to help you surpass the competition.

We’re dedicated to providing independent insurance agents and agencies with personalized service and technology. By partnering with us, you can represent the best products, receive competitive commissions, and enjoy dependable personalized service and support.

Our mission is to catapult your business to greater heights!

Meet our team

Picture of Brian Doyle, President & Chief Executive Officer of CareValue.

Brian D Doyle

President / Chief Executive Officer
Picture of Audra Palermo, Chief Financial Officer & Human Resources at CareValue

Audra Palermo

Chief Financial Officer / Human Resources
Picture of Anna Bliven, Chief Customer Officer at CareValue

Anna Bliven

Chief Customer Officer
Picture of Amanda Raymond, Chief Business Officer at CareValue

Amanda Raymond

Chief Business Officer
Picture of John Roach, Chief Technology Officer at CareValue.

John Roach

Chief Technology Officer
Picture of Kristie Roeder, Vice President of Sales at CareValue.

Kristie Roeder

Vice President of Sales
Picture of Tracey Goulet, Regional Sales Manager at CareValue.

Tracey Goulet

Regional Sales Manager
Picture of Larry Lane, Regional Sales Manager at CareValue.

Larry Lane

Regional Sales Manager
Picture of Sarah Weitzel, Agent Relations at CareValue.

Sarah Weitzel

Agent Relations
Picture of Kris Wasney, Sales Trainer at CareValue.

Kris Wasney

Sales Trainer
Picture of Sarah Ficarro, Licensing & Compliance Officer at CareValue.

Sarah Ficarro

Licensing & Compliance Officer
Picture of Mekeylah Olmo, Data Integration Specialist at CareValue.

Mekeylah Olmo

Data Integration Specialist
Picture of Jasmyn Bliven, Administrative Assistant at CareValue.

Jasmyn Bliven

Administrative Assistant
Picture of Gerald Nolan, Principal Software Architect at CareValue.

Gerald Nolan

Principal Software Architect
Picture of Derek Wolf, Software Engineer at CareValue.

Derek Wolf

Software Engineer
Picture of Emily Gruenfelder, Marketing Manager at CareValue.

Emily Gruenfelder

Marketing Manager
Picture of Trevor Smith, Graphic Designer & Digital Media Associate at CareValue.

Trevor Smith

Graphic Designer /
Digital Media Associate
A picture of a businessman with a play button indicating a video. Back Office Support, Access to Supplies, and Compliance Training are listed with checkmarks.

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