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What you need to know about WellCare Agent Support, Contracting and Certifications

As an agent with WellCare, you have different support systems that aid in your success.

  • Local Market Support: District Sales Managers Sales Assistants, and Marketing Outreach Specialists are staffed throughout the markets we serve and are there to help you at the local level.
  • Corporate Support: Assists with issues and inquiries related to WellCare sales procedures such as certifications, contracting, enrollment, commissions and more.
  • Agent Connect: The secured agent portal that provides access to information related to certifications, licenses, training, applications/enrollments, commissions, etc. and self-service functionality to download marketing materials, contact Sales Support and make changes to your profile

Throughout the year, you will receive email notices covering important topics to help grow your book of business and support your members. Please ensure your current email address is on file so you receive all important information!!

On June 15th, Universal American (UAM) agents will receive an invitation to contract with WellCare. IMPORTANT: UAM agents will be required to complete the 2019 contracting and certification process by 9/30 in order to market/sell 2018/2019 WellCare products. Remember, UAM benefit options will be incorporated into the WellCare platform for 2019 effectives.


An invitation will be sent from either WellCare direct or your current UAM upline to complete contracting. Please download the eContract Guide for detailed steps on completing your online contract.

Once contracted, you will receive an invitation to set permanent credentials to your secured portal in Agent Connect. Although not required, completing SM 2018 Agent Connect training in WellCare University is encouraged to learn how to navigate your portal.


In order to obtain Active Certified selling status, training requirements, licensing and background check all need to be complete. While you are completing 2019 Annual Certification Training (ACT) your Agent Connect portal will process your background check and current state licenses. After all certification requirements are successfully completed, you will receive an email indicating you are certified to market/sell 2018 WellCare products. NOTE: completing these requirements will also suffice for all 2019 products come the OEP season.

For further questions on the certifications process, please contact Producer Services at 866-211-0544.

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