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Agents and brokers play an essential role in the effort to detect and deter health insurance fraud. To gain the information you need to stop fraud and abuse, enroll in AHIP’s Health Care Anti-Fraud Associate (HCAFA) designation program. You’ll learn how to identify fraud, how it affects coverage, its legal impact, and more. You’ll also earn a career-driving professional credential. To earn your HCAFA designation, simply complete these two online courses plus one webinar:

  • Fraud, Part I (Introduction)
    Providing a broad overview, this online course focuses on investigative methods for detecting fraud and delves into the many areas in which fraud occurs, including fraud and abuse by providers, consumers, agents, and others.
  • Fraud, Part II (Key Products)
    Discover the fraud’s impact on a range of insurance products—disability income, life, long-term care, and dental coverage as you become familiar with federal and state roles in combating fraud, explore the private sector, and gain an understanding of legal constraints placed on enforcement efforts.
  • Your choice of one on-demand fraud webinar:
    • Fraud: Behavior Change, A New Approach to Defeating Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Anti-Fraud, Waste, and Abuse-Theory and Principles

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