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Cigna's Medicare Advantage Customers Get Credit for Staying Healthy

August 17, 2021

Preventive care and screenings are vital to health, and Cigna wants your customers to stay as healthy as possible. Their incentive program is designed to reward customers for being proactive about their health.

Customers will earn a $50 gift card to their choice of Amazon, Target or Walmart when they complete a 360 Exam. Did you know, customers who did not complete their 360 exam were more than twice as likely to disenroll? That makes Cigna's 360/wellness incentive a very popular tool for retention in addition to being a great decision for personal health.

While this type of incentive isn’t new to Cigna, they have improved it recently to make it easier for customers. The 360 exam incentive is now available year-round, making it accessible for all new customers, rather than just those who choose Cigna during AEP, plus those customers have the entire calendar year to complete their exam and receive their gift card.

Plus, once the 360 exam is completed, PPO customers may also qualify for other screening-based incentives centered around their claims. Cigna's easy-to-use portal allows customers to submit their attestation forms after completing their 360 exam as well as review other incentives they are eligible to use as well.

In 2020, 146,000 customers participated in Cigna's incentive program – a 61 percent increase over 2019! Make sure your customers understand that this is simply extra money in their pocket for taking a proactive approach in their health!

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