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*Important* Changes to UnitedHealthcare Voice Signature

September 9, 2022

Upcoming Changes to Voice Signature in LEAN*

An upcoming update to LEAN will allow field sales agents to complete Voice Signature enrollments for plans using the Field Sales enrollment form. Agents will no longer use the Telephonic script for Voice Signature.

Once this update takes place, all future Voice Signature enrollments will have E-### confirmation numbers. As a result, Voice Signature applications will now be in the same “My Applications” page with agents’ other Field Sales enrollments.

With this change, however, field agents will lose access to applications completed with the Telephonic script. Once the update takes place, agents will not be able to access older Voice Signature applications with T-### confirmation numbers.  

In order to avoid any disruption, please download any Voice Signature applications with T-### numbers that you need to retain by Sept. 14. You will also be able to request these applications from the Producer Help Desk (PHD) after the LEAN update takes place.

For LEAN training resources please visit Jarvis> Knowledge Center > Learning Lab > Content Library > LEAN >Additional References. 

*Please note, this information applies to LEAN for UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans only.

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