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Florida Blue: Let’s Talk about VBE/HRA! Copy

May 6, 2024
Florida Blue Medicare

Important Florida Blue Login Security Updates Launched April 20th through June 30th

A Sales News Article was released last month outlining the release of new login procedures for agents at Florida Blue. Starting April 20th, enhanced security measures will be rolled out to protect confidential health information by requiring an extra layer of identity verification.

The most immediate changes you will notice are:

▪ Eliminated the need for a Site Password.

▪ Working to ensure that your new passwords never expire. Look for an update from Florida Blue by the end of summer.

What to Expect:

▪ When you login in with your current user ID and password, you will be given the opportunity to make the change to the new security protocol by engaging in the identity verification process.

▪ Through the identification verification process, you’ll be asked a few basic questions (address, mobile phone number, birthdate) and prompted to request a six-digit passcode (PIN) to be sent to you via text or voicemail to your mobile phone. Please note that the Florida Blue system will check against the cellular carrier phone records and therefore, you will want to enter a personal cell phone number.

▪ Once you receive your PIN, please enter your code and continue to verify your identity. Then you will be asked if you’d like to “trust” your device. If you choose to do so, when you login again on this device, you may not have to verify again.

▪ Note: If the PIN process fails, you will have a choice to proceed with either answering questions that are unique to your credit history or uploading a snapshot of your government issued photo ID and a photo of your face so the two can be matched. Prompts on the screen will walk you through the process.

▪ You will also be required to provide your preferred email address to continue the process.

Next Steps:

Please ensure you are familiar with this new process and are prepared to implement the new security identification verification between April 20th and June 30th. You may want to download this SNA and the user guide talked about below to help you through the process.

For process details, please consult the “Security Instructional User Guide”.

• In the AgentPortal, choose the Education section from the home screen, advance to your appropriate segment Toolkit, click on the Training Tab, chose the User Guide section and scroll down to the user guide.

▪ For assistance with AgentPortal, please contact the Agent Service Center at 1-800-267-3156.

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