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Empire: Time To Pre-Order Enrollment Kits!

August 10, 2023
Empire BlueCross BlueShield

Be ready to sell this AEP, by pre-ordering your Enrollment Kits today!

An enrollment kit is a booklet containing everything you need to promote the plan and complete the sale. By pre-ordering your 2024 enrollment kits now, between August 7 and August 31, you will have kits in-hand prior to October 1, and you won't miss a single opportunity once AEP begins!

You can also place a pre-order for available translated kits at the same time you pre-order your English kits. Priority translated kits are targeted to deliver by October 1, with the balance of the translated pre-orders delivered by October 7.

How do I pre-order enrollment kits?

Orders are placed in CustomPoint. There are links to CustomPoint in mProducer and Producer Toolbox. You can also login directly here: https://custompoint.rrd.com

  • Once in CustomPoint, everything you need to know about ordering can be found in the 'Easy Steps to Ordering' User Guide, on the right side of the home page.
  • AEP 2024 pre-orders can be placed between August 7 and August 31.
  • English and priority translated kits ordered after August 31 are not guaranteed to be delivered by October 1.

Pre-order best practices

  • Order enough during the pre-order period to last you through the end of October.
  • Star Ratings are updated in the enrollment kits at the end of October. Plan to place a second order after the new Star Ratings are in the kits.

Are you Ready to Sell for 2024? If you’ve not already completed 2024 Certification, what are you waiting for? Get started today by accessing the Certification Site.

Marketing may not begin before 10/1/23 and AEP applications cannot be accepted before 10/15/23. Not all products are available in all areas. CMS requires agents to complete annual compliance and product training (also known as certification) in order to market Medicare Advantage and Part D products.

Non-Disclosure Disclaimer: Brokers/all parties cannot discuss or disclose upcoming plan year novations, plan structure, plan, or market changes, or share confidential information with members or potential members or competitors prior to 10/1/2023. Disclosing confidential information to members, potential members, and other health plans prior to October 1, 2023, will result in a termination of appointment. Not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the Federal Medicare Program.

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