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What's new for 2023 – Humana Sales Materials

August 3, 2022

What’s new for 2023!

Humana has simplified their Enrollment Book this year at your request!

The 2023 enrollment book will feature a simplified format with a new table of contents to easily navigate the book, less flyers, expanded color-coding block based on product type and exciting new content around benefits like Healthy Options and Flex allowance for applicable plan enrollment books.

This year, in addition to the Humana MA Honor plans, they will also be introducing the new Humana USAA Honor with RX plan. While these plans may complement VA benefits and be a good fit for veterans’ needs, they're available to all enrollees and veterans may enroll in any plan available in their area.


New point of purchase brochure to use for the veteran audience!

If your prospect is a veteran, make sure to check out the new USAA co-branded point of purchase brochure. The brochure provides a high-level breakdown of Humana plans that are designed with veterans in mind, including the MA Honor plans and new Humana USAA Honor with RX plan.

Interactive Medicare 101 video now available!

Another new material available to you this year is the interactive Medicare 101 video. The video lasts around 5 mins and breaks down the basics of Medicare so members and prospects alike can walk away confident. Watch now.


New look for Medicare Document Library now called Sales Enablement Library!

The Medicare Document Library is getting a new look and newname. Now called the Sales Enablement Library, it will feature enhanced search capability, faster download speed and easy to navigate website functionality so you can find your sales materials with ease. All sales materials in 20+different languages will be available on the site including the enrollment books! Access the Sales Enablement Library through Vantage, MRC, First Look or Ignite. Check it out here and be on the lookout for more information through Ignite communications! www.salesenablementlibrary.com

Check out the Marketing Materials Overview video below for a sneak peak of what to expect for 2023!

Get a sneak peek


Sales Materials for 2023 Plan Year now available to order!*

Sales materials became available to order on July 22nd. If you recertified/certified prior to this date, you will receive an e-mail on July 22nd with the order site link to order materials.

Order materials through: 

*Any dissemination of 2023 plan or benefits information prior to Oct. 1, 2022, is strictly prohibited by CMS. Dissemination of this information could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination

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