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UPMC: Excellent 5 out of 5 stars AGAIN!

October 10, 2022

UPMC is proud to announce that they once again are the only plan in Pennsylvania to earn an excellent 5 out of 5 overall star rating from Medicare for 2023 and receive Accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for both their HMO and PPO plans! These rankings place UPMC for Life among the highest-rated 4% of Medicare plans in the nation and make them the best quality plan in Pennsylvania!

Thank you for your continued partnership and contribution to this important achievement! You consistently go above and beyond for your clients and our members. Whether you’re making multiple home visits, answering phone calls outside of normal business hours, looking up additional resources, or even being a source of knowledge after a lead becomes a member… you do it all. This 5-star rating is also for YOU. Your commitment to bringing excellence and service to UPMC's more than 200,000 Medicare members has made this possible.

What does this mean for your leads?

  • Peace of mind―Ratings are based on how well Medicare Advantage plans deliver medical coverage, prescription drug services, customer service, and member satisfaction. Medicare beneficiaries can use these scores to compare our quality and performance to other Medicare plans. A 5-star rating is a revered status among Medicare Advantage plans, and it’s something you should boast about! Make sure to discuss this star rating when speaking with your clients and take the time to educate them on how a Medicare Advantage plan achieves this rating. Remember,  current members are a large part of why UPMC received 5 stars.
  • Resources you can use now―UPMC is eager to celebrate this important news! You’ll soon see a special note that highlights the star ratings included in new orders of the 2023 Plan Compare Guides and Enrollment Kits. They will also be mailing you hard copies of a flier to have on hand when speaking with your clients and to include in kits you already have on hand. 
  • The 5-star Special Election Period (SEP) lives on!―Remember, Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in any of these plans even after AEP is over by using the 5-star SEP. Eligible Medicare beneficiaries can disenroll from their current plan and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan offered by a Medicare Advantage organization that currently has a 5 star overall rating. The eligible individual can only use the SEP one time from Dec. 8, 2022, through Nov. 30, 2023. UPMC will be providing more information about this SEP and tools and resources you can use to help you generate leads after AEP in an upcoming broker blast. Stay tuned!

A press release will be sent out to the public next week. If you have any questions about CMS star ratings or the SEP, please contact your broker manager.

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