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UnitedHealthcare: JarvisWRAP for June 18

June 18, 2024

What to expect from UnitedHealthcare this AEP season

Summer is here, and it’s a great time to start thinking about AEP. As we look to the 2025 plan year, there are several changes impacting our industry. UnitedHealthcare is here for you and remain committed to providing you with reliable tools and information to prepare for a successful AEP. They recognize the important role you play and look forward to partnering with you as the industry enters its next chapter.

You’ve told them that you value information early – especially in a year where there are many changes. To help you prepare, UHC is pleased to share that they're taking a new approach to help you stay updated. This includes offering educational sessions on some of the regulatory changes impacting the industry, a sneak peek of 2025 Medicare Advantage & Part D plans, and more resources to help support you. Read below for what you can expect from them over the next few months to get ready to sell 2025 plans and watch for information throughout the summer.   

  • June—Get educated on Medicare Advantage funding changes: 2025 is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic landscapes with changes to the Part D program and more. Watch for an invite from your local leader to attend one of the 2025 Need to Know sessions.  
  • July—2025 Product Sneak Peek: UHC will be providing a sneak peek in the Medicare Product Portal (MPP) with early access to information about the UnitedHealthcare 2025 Medicare Advantage portfolio – including new and renewing plans, service area details, plus a preview of benefits. Watch for more information in late July.
  • August—Product Rollouts: Beginning mid-August and going through September, join a Product Rollout to learn about the 2025 product offerings and how they’re aligned to fit with industry changes. Invitations to join a session will come from your local leadership in July. 
  • September—Planning: More training—both local and national—will be available to you as you familiarize yourself with the 2025 plan offerings.
  • October: It’s time to market and sell!   

As always, reach out to your local UnitedHealthcare team with questions.

New! Jarvis notifications available as pop-up messages on your phone

To make it even more convenient for you to stay on top of application status and book-of-business updates, you can now get Jarvis notification pop-ups from the Jarvis mobile app. Take advantage of the status updates that are provided such as Application at Risk, Out of Area, Loss of SNP, Member Death and more by turning on your mobile notifications to view these as immediate alerts. Learn how to turn on Jarvis mobile notifications and about the types of notifications you may receive in the guide found in Jarvis.

JarvisEnroll is almost here!

UnitedHealthcare's new online enrollment tool offers an all-in-one experience within Jarvis and includes many of the features you have come to expect from LEAN. JarvisEnroll provides a simplified experience with fewer clicks that is designed to help save you time. Check out answers to the common questions below to learn more.

  • When will I have access to JarvisEnroll? Where will I find it?
    • JarvisEnroll will launch at the end of the month. You'll find it in Jarvis under Sales Tools, or under the Quick Access links on the home page.
  • How will I log in to JarvisEnroll?
    • JarvisEnroll is integrated directly within Jarvis. Once you are logged into Jarvis, you won't need to log in again!
  • How can I get trained on JarvisEnroll?
    • Check out the Training Calendar to sign up for upcoming webinars and learn all about the new tool.
  • Is LEAN going away?
    • You can still access LEAN throughout the summer as you get familiar with using JarvisEnroll. 2025 plans will not be available in LEAN.

Agent Toolkit: AARP Medicare Supplement and Part D plan resources

As you are connecting with newly eligible Medicare clients, bundling an AARP® Medicare Supplement Plan and a Part D Plan may be a great way to get your clients’ medical and drug insurance needs covered by UnitedHealthcare. Check out the Co-Marketing More Complete materials to promote the value of bundling AARP Medicare Supplement Plans and AARP® MedicareRx Plans, which can help provide your clients with medical and prescription insurance coverage. Search using keyword MS+Part D.

New Jarvis capabilities for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

Experience enhanced convenience and efficiency with the new Jarvis capabilities for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare®.

  • Plan changes and terminations: Assist your clients with some plan changes and back date plan terminations with new Member Servicing Request Tool capabilities in Jarvis. Get the details including how to access the tool here! You can also check out the helpful job aid at Learning Lab > Content Library > Medicare Supplement > Additional References > Jarvis Service Requests Job Aid.
  • Commission: Change your commission preferences for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans in Jarvis without calling the Producer Help Desk. Simply click on Manage Profile in the top right corner of Jarvis, choose Commission Preference in the left-hand menu and select when you prefer to receive your earned commission.

Be sure to brush up on your AARP Medicare Supplement knowledge by registering for an upcoming state-specific virtual training!

Supporting your business with the Agent Guide

The Agent Guide is your resource to understand what you need to know to conduct your business. It lays out how to help stay compliant and provides the details to build your business with UnitedHealthcare. UHC updates this guide each month to ensure you have access to current information.  

Check out this month’s updates in red in the Agent Guide:

  • Updating requirements for Fast Track and credit for Event Basics within the Certification section
  • Adding an Agent Profile section to require a unique email and cell phone number on file, which can be updated on Jarvis
  • Clarifying in the Scope of Appointment section that a Scope of Appointment is not required for consumers attending educational or marketing/sales events

View Details >View Details >

Questions? Call us at 855-888-8326.

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