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UnitedHealthcare: JarvisWRAP for June 11

June 11, 2024

Start getting ready for AEP

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is right around the corner and now’s a great time to start getting ready. Read on for the latest on everything you need to know for 2025 UnitedHealthcare Certifications. Plus, watch for more information throughout the summer on how UnitedHealthcare is here to support you for 2025 AEP.

2025 UnitedHealthcare Certifications are open!

You can now get certified to sell UnitedHealthcare 2025 Medicare plans. Get your certifications done early so you can spend the summer focusing on your selling strategy for 2025 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)! Certifying early also gives you the ability to start planning and filing your events.

Be sure to catch one of the Certifications Study Group to maximize your learning! Sessions are being held on June 12, 14 and 17.

Updated NEW Event Request Form on Jarvis

As you start to plan for AEP and schedule events, check out the updated NEW Event Request Form. As a reminder, all consumer-facing marketing/sales events must be reported with this form at least seven calendar days before the event date. Access the new form on Jarvis!

You’ll notice the NEW Event Request Form has been updated to include a new question. Check out column B “Retail Program,” which has a “Yes” or “No” dropdown option. Please select “Yes” if the event is for a Retail Kiosk or UHC Multi-Carrier retail program and “No” for all other events.

Be sure to delete any old versions of this form you may have saved and start using the updated one. If you submit the old form, sales events will be declined.

To access the form on Jarvis, navigate to Sales Tools > Meeting Resources > Events > NEW Event Request Form.

Materials to help you prepare for AEP

The UHC Agent Toolkit is your one-stop shop for a variety of consumer-facing materials to support lead generation. These include flyers, postcards, letters, tabletops, banners, window clings, folders, business cards, ads and MORE! You’ll find content that is benefit specific, can be used to build relationships and help you get ready for your events or appointments with consumers.

  • MA/D-SNP Medicare Benefit Postcard (24SPRJ81586)
  • MA Agent Introductory Letter (SPRJ81171)
  • MA SEP Flyer (SPRJ82287)
  • MA/D-SNP Agent Business Card (SPRJ64479)

Additionally, UHC is working to update the suite of Clarity materials (Clarity Guide, PowerPoint presentation and video) and other materials that highlight the value of UnitedHealthcare. Keep reading JarvisWRAP for detailed information and updates as we get closer to AEP!

AARP Medicare Supplement Plan materials

Are you looking for educational content or ways to promote your upcoming meetings? Start getting ready for AEP by checking out these AARP Medicare Supplement Plan materials.

  • AARP Medicare Supplement Sales Presentation (PT10046)
  • AARP Medicare Supplement General Brochure (BA25566)
  • AARP Medicare Supplement Clarity Guide (BK10002)
  • AARP Medicare Supplement Guidance Lead Gen Postcard (CA25644)
  • AARP Medicare Supplement I'm Your Local Agent Flyer (FY10065)

Get AARP Medicare Supplement Plan resources on the Sales Materials Portal

Find the materials you need to help keep your business thriving all year! Visit the Sales Materials Portal to order or download sales materials like state-specific Enrollment Kits, which provide important enrollment information and an application. You can also access state-specific Producer Handbooks, which provide valuable information such as eligibility, guaranteed issue events, rate information, underwriting and more.

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