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Loosened CMS Guidelines for Educational Events

May 19, 2022

Exciting News About Educational Events!

Recent updates to the CMS guidelines have loosened some of the restrictions for educational events! Now you can host a Medicare educational event with less confusion and fewer compliance regulations.

Were you held back because you could not set up appointments at an educational event, so you felt it was a waste of your time? Not anymore…

The biggest change? Marketing events can now directly follow an educational event, as long as the beneficiaries attending are made aware of the change and given the opportunity to leave prior to the beginning of the marketing event. This means that agents can now set up appointments directly following educational events if it is made clear that the agent is “shifting gears”. Click this link to see the updated guideline.

What else can you do at educational events?:

  • Distribute communications materials.
  • Answer beneficiary-initiated questions pertaining to MA plans
  • Set up future personal marketing appointments.
  • Distribute business cards.
  • Obtain beneficiary contact information, including Scope of Appointment forms.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Educational events must be advertised as such and be designed to generally inform beneficiaries about Medicare, including Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug programs, or any other Medicare program. At educational events, agents may not market specific MA plans or benefits. Click on this link for more information.


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