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Humana Topic of the Week: Rewards Programs

February 7, 2022

Humana's topic of the week is Rewards Programs. If you are engaging with Humana, they want you to be rewarded for all that you do. The step by step directions are below for the two programs that you can enroll in. These programs benefit you and your members. You can set yourself up with both in a matter of 10 minutes. You do need to be a certified agent to enroll in both programs. Along with the directions below, we’ve attached a job aid that will give you the benefits. We’ve also linked a document on how to make MCA (Revel) an app on your iPhone. DON’T LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE!

Humana Reach Rewards earns you points for everything you do from trainings to enrolling members. Once you sign up – everything else will happen naturally and the points become dollars in your marketing resource center.

Sign up for Humana Reach Rewards –

  • Put www.humanareachrewards.com into your browser.
  • Do not click sign in – scroll down and click sign up
  • Enter the email address you use with Humana and send
  • Go check your email it will come in within seconds. Check your junk mail if you don’t see it.
  • Open the email and reset your password (8 characters, 1 capital, 1 number, 1 symbol)
  • Go back to the www.humanareachrewards.com site and enter in your SAN (your writing number) and the new password you’ve created.
  • Answer the few profile questions and you’re done.

Member Care assessments are the questionnaire you can do after every MA/MAPD application. Super easy:

Member Care Assessment Process –

Survey Portal set up (called REVEL) is super easy and fast. And once you’re done, you can access the survey on your Vantage portal on the Quote & Enroll card.

Here’s how to access the training:

  • Log into your Vantage account
  • On the Education card, Click MarketPoint University
  • In the search bar type REVEL – Select Revel member care assessment
  • Hit the magnifier icon to fetch the course. Enroll. On the job aid review the first 14 pages then hit return. Do the attestation yes/submit/return. Do the 9 question survey on the training. Finish. Five minutes top!
  • This will generate an email to you within 24 hours allowing you to register at Revel so it recognizes you as a certified agent
  • After every MAPD or MA-only enrollment, engage your client in the 14 question survey and help them complete the survey within 5 days of the app, and earn a $50 admin fee.

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