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Flexible Spending Card for Dental, Vision and Hearing from Wellcare

October 27, 2021

Please note: if you are a member with questions about the Wellcare flex card, please call WexHealth at 1-833-299-5093. CareValue is unable to answer questions or assist with any member issues.

Expanded Flexible Spending Card for DVH

As a part of Wellcare's Supplemental Benefit key enhancements, the Flexible Spending Card (Flex Card) for DVH will be offered for Wellcare and Ascension Complete, and will be available on more plans across the country for 2022.

The Flex Card for DVH is a prepaid VISA debit card that may be used to reduce out-of-pocket expenses related to additional dental, vision, and hearing services. It will ideally be used after the base benefit allowance has been exhausted (better buying power), but this is not a requirement.

Flex Card for DVH Highlights include:

  • Offered in all 36 states within Wellcare's Medicare footprint
  • The number of plans offering this benefit have almost doubled for 2022
  • The Flex Card for DVH IS EASY to use!
  • ~~Members will automatically receive their pre-loaded and activated VISA debit card in the mail, and dollars are available on day 1 with no waiting
  • ~~Members can access their account via phone, portal and/or IVR
  • Benefit amounts range from $100 to $2,500
  • New for 2022:
  • ~~Benefits with an allowance of $750 or greater will have separate purses (amounts that can be used for different covered service types)
  • ~~~~Vision Only purse and Dental and Hearing combined purse
  • ~~~~The Vision purse will be capped at $250, and the rest of the allowance will be allocated to the Dental and Hearing benefit
  • The Flex Card for DVH gives members greater "buying power" on their supplemental dental, vision, and hearing benefits for both in- and out-of-network expenses
  • Members can easily submit a claim for reimbursement for transactions at Wellcare providers who do not accept VISA
  • Wellcare's vendor partner for the Flex Card for DVH is Wex

Important Notes:

  • The Flex Card for DVH will only work at providers with a valid Merchant Category Codes (MCC) who accept VISA. Eligible McCs are: 8021-Dental; 8042 & 8043-Vision; 5975-Hearing Aids and Sales
  • Not all plans/markets offer the Flex Card for DVH. Check specific plan benefits before discussing with beneficiaries

Product Resources:

For easy access to Wellcare product and benefit information, please review the resources below to see what benefits your members can take advantage of, and why Wellcare should be their healthcare provider of choice.

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