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Excellus BCBS Broker News Vol. 19 No. 5

May 14, 2024
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

Excellus Wants To Hear From You!

The annual broker satisfaction survey is now live until May 31. Your feedback and experience are valuable, and Excellus would like to learn more from you. If you have not already, you will receive an email with a link to the survey. Please respond by May 31.

If you have any questions about the survey, please email the Research Insights team at excellusbcbs@excellus.com.

Past Due: What If My Group Missed The RxDC Deadline?

There have been questions from groups and brokers about what to do if a group did not complete the RxDC online form by the due date of April 12.

If a group missed the deadline, they should report the information directly to CMS in HIOS (or have another reporting entity report it for them).

The information that would need to be filled out in the P2 and D1 are:

  • Any information that the insurance company is not submitting on the group’s behalf (in this case, groups that did not complete the online for by the due date)
  • Columns that will result in an upload error if left blank are:
    • P2: Group Health Plan name, group health plan number, market segment, plan sponsor name and plan sponsor EIN
    • D1: Company name, company EIN, aggregation state and market segment
  • The instructions for P2 are in section 4.2 and the instructions for D1 are in section 6.1 of the RxDC reporting instructions

Please see the RxDC reporting instructions below and contact your account representative with any questions.

    RxDC Reporting Instructions  

Plan Designation Indemnification Is Now A Fillable Form

Excellus BCBS is excited to share the availability of a fillable Plan Designation Indemnification form. This has been a request from brokers and self-insured groups that use the form alike, and they look forward to this new form saving time for everyone.

The fillable versions of these forms can be requested from your account representative. Once it is received, it can be opened in Adobe, completed, and electronically signed. Groups can still print these forms, fill them out, sign, and scan back to us if they prefer.

Please note:

  • Any saved copies of these forms need to be deleted, including any fillable versions that you or your team created on your own.
  • Excellus will only accept their version of a fillable form so they can maintain the validity of the content and obtain an acceptable and consistent electronic signature.
  • The forms must be opened in Adobe and not opened in a browser, as the browser will not allow you to sign the form.
  • Once signed, the documents will lock to any additional edits, so be sure the form is completed prior to signing.

Please contact your account representative if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback regarding the use of the forms.

Working To Deliver A Real Time Enrollment Experience

Enhancements are coming soon to the online “Enroll & Update” tool that will allow Excellus to process many of your transactions in real time. You’ll begin seeing these changes within the next month. For example:

  • When making “Enroll a New Member” transactions, a subscriber ID may now be assigned within minutes as opposed to waiting overnight. (Member ID cards will continue to print and mail on the same schedule they do today.)
  • An employee will be able to register for an online web account and review their benefits the next day.

Please keep in mind that not all transactions will be able to be completed in real time. Some transactions may still pend for manual review to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations. When they do, Excellus remains committed to completing these reviews timely and accurately.

June Is Employee Wellness Month

Most adults spend more time at work than anywhere else. And work has a significant impact on all aspects of our wellbeing. According to Gallup, people who are thriving in all aspects of wellbeing are healthier and more engaged at work. Yet 6 in 10 adults in the US have a chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, or depression, which impacts their ability to function and feel well both at work and at home.

While we may not be able to control everything that impacts our health and wellbeing, such as workload, genes, or environment, we can control how we take care of ourselves. Most chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle habits, such as poor eating habits, not getting any exercise, using tobacco or too much alcohol, and not sleeping enough.

Employers have a unique opportunity to improve their employees’ wellbeing, which will also impact their productivity and engagement at work. The June Wellbeing Toolkit (ZIP) includes materials that can be shared with your groups.

    Download Our Wellbeing Toolkit (ZIP)  

Rx News - GLP-1 Webinar Recording Now Available

As covered in the recent webinar:

  • Studies show that weight loss drugs paired with healthy lifestyle modifications provide the maximum benefit.
  • With the right Utilization Management strategies in place, we can help mitigate off-label drug use and control costs.

As new drugs continue to enter the market our team of clinical pharmacists provide an unbiased review for each request of a GLP-1 to confirm medical necessity and safety.

By promoting evidence-based prescribing, evaluating cost-effectiveness, ensuring equitable access, and staying informed in the market, we can play a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of this growing trend while prioritizing member care.

To learn more about the Excellus BCBS approach, you can read the blog below on Navigating the GLP-1 Trend, or if you missed “Beyond the Buzz: Understanding the GLP-1 Trend” webinar you can log in to the Sales Hub to watch.

Read The Blog                                              

Watch The Webinar                  


Rx News - A New Way For Self-Funded Groups To Save

Self-funded commercial group members now have access to GoodRx® prescription pricing. GoodRx provides automatic savings on many generic prescription drugs when available. The Price Assure flyer has additional information.

Please contact your account representative with questions.

Price Assure Flyer (PDF) →

View Details >View Details >

Questions? Call us at 855-888-8326.

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