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Centene Introduces FAP Feature Enhancements!

October 6, 2022

Important Notice: Centene Consolidates Medicare Find A Provider Platforms, Introduces Enhancements

Centene is consolidating the Wellcare By Allwell and legacy Wellcare Find A Provider (FAP) platforms and introducing several enhancements that are designed to improve the user experience, effective October 1, 2022.

Landing Page for all Medicare Lines of Business

A new public site landing page will assist in routing members and prospective members to the appropriate directory tool based on their   location and plan selection. The new landing page will include all Wellcare Medicare plans, including Wellcare By Fidelis, Wellcare By HealthNet and Wellcare By Allwell. Check out the new landing page at wellcarefindaprovider.com.

Platform Consolidation

Previously, members accessed Wellcare By Allwell  networks by navigating to Health Plan directories that are state-specific   and historically geared towards Medicaid. For the 2023 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), members will access Wellcare By Allwell networks on one directory application at findaprovider.wellcarebyallwell.com instead of the current 19 separate sites.

Previously, Wellcare members accessed Medicare on the legacy Wellcare FAP platform. For 2023 AEP, members will access Wellcare networks on the Centene platform for a consistent directory look and feel across all of Medicare. Members will access the new Wellcare FAP application at findaprovider.wellcare.com.

Ascension Complete will not be changing sites for the upcoming 2023 AEP but will be receiving look and feel upgrades to be consistent with Wellcare By Allwell and Wellcare.

Reminder: Provider information is available on Ascend, Sunfire, and ConnectureDRX. Brokers using these platforms should use provider search within the platforms.

Enhanced Features  

In addition to the platform consolidation, the Centene platform of FAP will undergo numerous feature improvements to enhance the overall experience for our members and improve access to care. For 2023 AEP, some of the new features added to findaprovider.wellcarebyallwell.com, findaprovider.wellcare.com, and findaprovider.ascensioncomplete.com include:

  • Always displaying filters in non-mobile view for improved visibility and accessibility.
  • Adding ability to search outside of a member’s plan state.
  • Adding ability to search by all available plans in location searched for findaprovider.wellcare.com.
  • New display that lists all plans a provider participates in for findaprovider.wellcare.com.
  • Creating a compare providers feature.
  • Improving intuitiveness of map functionality by adding icons to indicate provider type. 
  • Improving access to helpful definitions.
  • Adding a call out box to the search page that highlights popular searches and confirm where the user is searching.
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