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Ascension Complete 2022 MAPD Plans

September 28, 2021

AEP is just around the corner and Ascension Complete is ready to deliver 2022 MAPD solutions to brokers and beneficiaries! With more plans and plan types in 2022, new expansion states, and exciting new benefits, Ascension Complete is poised to help agents have a fantastic AEP!

2022 Plan details are available at: http://www.wellcarefirstlook.com/

2022 will be their third AEP! In 2020 they started with 2 excellent HMO plans; Secure & Reward. In 2021 they added a PPO in two states. For 2022 they're going BIG with 2 HMOs, 2 NEW PPOs, a NEW HMO-POS and a NEW DSNP plan.

2022 plans offer rich benefits for your members and tremendous provider accessibility. The new PPO plans use a Passive network so all providers who accept Medicare are eligible. Even better, the Access PPO has an incredible $2,900 combined (INN/OON) MOOP! See below for more details! And AC never requires provider referrals!

Ascension Complete's 2022 Plans offer robust Dental benefits including unlimited $$ amounts in their Secure HMO plan and high $$ dental benefits in our Access PPO and Access Plus PPO plans. Plans include Flex Cards, OTC, Vision, Hearing aids, travel, fitness and many other benefits!

*Plans and benefits vary by state and type

Ask your local Ascension Complete Representative for more details! See contact info below.

TIP!! Agents can also reach out to Ascension Complete directly for help by using the following link to the help line.


**Remember to include beneficiaries email address on all enrollment application

Ascension Complete Sales Contact List

Michigan contact info:

Randy Redmond (Acct Exec) 224-478-3623

Ryan Combs (Market Manager) 248-606-1951

Indiana contact info:

Jim Andretich (Acct Exec) 773-216-0224

Robert (Bob) Herbst (Market Manager) 317-496-1841

Illinois contact info:

Jim Andretich (Acct Exec) 773-216-0224

Randy Redmond (Acct Exec) 224-478-3623

Tennessee contact info:

Roy Smith (Market Manager) 615-636-1635

Kansas contact info:

Nicolette Marlin (Acct Exec) 316-213-3287

Alabama contact info:

Ryan Nichols (Market Manager) 251-680-9806

Mobile/Pensacola contact info:

David Gettis (Acct Exec) 904-760-2083

Terrence Hunter (Market Manager) 850-666-3759

Florida contact info:

David Gettis (Acct Exec) 904-760-2083

Bill Arndt (Market Manager) 904-362-7714

Texas contact info:

Eric Cervera (Acct Exec) 210-355-4806

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Questions? Call us at 855-888-8326.

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