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2022 AHIP Guide

June 21, 2021

2022 AHIP Certs will begin on June 21st

  • The new AHIP platform will offer complete compatibility for users on smart phones, tablets & mobile computers.
  • You will need to click on “Forgot Password” when logging into the new AHIP site the first time. They will send you an email to reset your password.

The CareValue discount AHIP link is http://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com/clients/CareValue

  • CareValue’s discount link offers our agents a $50 savings off of the original cost reducing the cost to $125.
  • There is no discount code necessary. The discount will be applied when you go to the checkout screen.
  • Make sure you see the CareValue logo in the upper right-hand side of the screen. If you do not see the logo, go back to the link above and click on it again. If you do not see the CareValue logo, you will not receive the discount.

What You’ll Learn:


  • The basics of Medicare fee-for-service eligibility and benefits
  • The different types of Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans
  • Eligibility and coverage
  • Nondiscrimination training
  • Marketing and enrollment under the Medicare Advantage and Part D program requirements

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

  • How to identify fraud, waste, and abuse(FWA)
  • An overview of the industry efforts in detecting fraud
  • Legal tools to combat FWA
  • Understand both the human and financial cost of FWA
  • Review Medicare Parts C and D Fraud, Waste, and Abuse and General Compliance requirements
  • Who commits FWA
  • Reporting FWA; loopholes and obligations

CE Credits are available for an additional $30 in every state but NY and AK. Depending on the agent’s resident state you can earn between 4-8 CE Credits. This course is mandatory for agents that wish to market Medicare Advantage & Part D plans in 2022.

  • There are 5 modules covering different aspects of Medicare Marketing, Compliance & other information. Each has review questions that must be answered when you have completed the module.
  • Pay special attention to these module review questions, I suggest taking a screenshot of them, historically you will see about 80% of these questions again on the final exam.
  • The first-time agents take the AHIP certification they are required to complete all 5 modules and the end of module review questions.
  • Returning users can skip the first two modules and just complete the end of module review questions if they wish.

After completing the 5 modules and end of module review questions agents are required to take the final exam where they will need a minimum score of 90% to pass the exam.

  • The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions.
  • The exam is open book
  • You have 2 hours to complete the exam
  • Agents get three attempts to pass the exam
  • If you fail 3 times you can take the exam3 more times, but you must pay $125 again. Some carriers will not accept AHIP certs that have failed more than 3 times.

After the final exam is successfully completed, agents are required to complete the Fraud, Waste & Abuse modules. Once the FWA modules are completed, you have successfully completed the AHIP certification.

Make sure to click on the “Transcript” tab located in the upper part in the middle of the page, find the little icon located in the “Certificate” column and click on it. This will allow you to download a copy of the AHIP completion certificate.

  • Agents that complete AHIP through the CareValue AHIP link will have their information automatically submitted to CareValue to inform them you have completed the certification.
  • Agents that complete AHIP director through a carrier link will have to submit a copy of the completion certificate to contracting@carevalue.com so we can upload it to AllRep.

Please remember Employees of CareValue cannot assist you in completing your final exam but we can answer specific questions if there is a topic that you do not fully understand. If you are on your third attempt of your final exam, please contact one of the Sales Directors at CareValue with any questions or tips that they can recommend prior to beginning your third attempt.

Good Luck!

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