“I have been blessed with living in an extended family my entire life. It’s my great good fortune that the same positive environment now extends into my work place. With tremendous support and trust from CareValue, and flexibility in my schedule, I’m able to fulfill my dreams for both my family and my career. I am very proud to be a member of the CareValue family.”

Mallory Virts, Independent Agent.

“I have worked with many different firms over the years and have found CareValue to be extremely responsive to my customers’ needs and really easy to work with. Their knowledgeable and professional team always goes the extra mile to meet the needs of independent agents. It’s simply a pleasure to do business with them.”

Independent Agent

“CareValue’s dedication to senior insurance is like nothing else I’ve found in the industry, and it starts with their passion for what we do as agents. Having the freedom to make our own hours, while having the full support of the office, is the perfect recipe for an open and stress-free work environment. I am delighted to be part of the CareValue team, and highly recommend it!”

Laura Shriver, Independent Agent

“I have worked with the CareValue team for about seven months now, and the first thing I will say is they truly work as a team.  As a new agent, I’ve sometimes come up against an unexpected problem and needed assistance pretty quickly, and they have never disappointed. CareValue provides training, back office support, a friendly work environment, and a team that really cares about your clients.”

Deborah Ilic, Independent Agent

“I chose to work with CareValue because of their wealth of knowledge and strength in the marketplace. Their back-end system is a big help when I need to track leads and other client information.”

Terry Glasbergen, Independent Agent

“As an independent broker with CareValue you get everything you look for in a carrier opportunity, in one easy package!

You get the freedom to control your own work schedule, and travel all over the state meeting amazing new people. Having the chance to listen to the concerns of our elders and helping them afford the health care they deserve and more – that’s a great privilege.

Financial freedom, security, great income and changing lives for the better in the process: this is a job you can feel good about.”

Eric Button, Independent Agent

“I met Brian Doyle and switched to him as my FMO in 2008 – so I’ve been with CareValue since the beginning.

I count myself really lucky to be aligned with them, as things could have been very different.

When I first started selling Medicare Advantage plans in 2006, the FMO I was with just didn’t give me the support I needed. As a brand new agent I had a lot of questions that just didn’t get answered. I could have really gotten myself in trouble with CMS, and never been able to sell Medicare again.

Brian and his staff are so knowledgeable and supportive. All of the agents affiliated with CareValue receive 100% back office support, leads, product information, new product ideas to expand our businesses, materials, marketing ideas, in-classroom training sessions, and webinars. And most importantly, friendly staff who are willing to help you with any facet of your business.  I can call or stop in anytime and there is always someone there to help.

I have built my own Medicare team of agents now, and CareValue is consistently supportive of all of us.  Everything is easy, professionally handled, and done with care and concern.”

Jane Ahrens, Independent Agent