Introducing MedicareValue Created Exclusively for Independent Agents

The future of online enrollments is here! CareValue is proud to offer our proprietary technology for online enrollment of MA and PDP sales at no cost to you. With markets shifting to telephonic and electronic enrollments each year, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Generate and email eSOAs and enroll clients all online – go digital by signing up for your FREE site today!

Agents automatically receive commission for any enrollments completed through their personalized page

Agents automatically receive an email notification when an enrollment is submitted through their page

Agent’s can share their MedicareValue personalized link in their email signature and marketing materials

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CareValue has developed MedicareValue to streamline the way agents do business. Are you interested in having your very own MedicareValue site? Here’s how you can get yours for FREE:

  1. Partner with CareValue. When you work with CareValue you’ll receive your own MedicareValue site for FREE, access to AllRep for FREE, excellent agent support for FREE, and of course – top commissions.
  2. Contract with a qualifying carrier including plans with direct “Enroll Now” options on
  3. Pick your customized MedicareValue URL or “Seal” usually all or part of your name (Ex:

Use MedicareValue to save you time and enroll more Medicare beneficiaries!

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