VSP Individual Vision Plans

As the nation’s largest vision benefits provider, VSP offers a variety of services and programs to help establish and grow your practice. VSP is a doctor-governed company and has championed the needs of private-practice optometry for more than 60 years. While 3 in 4 adults need vision correction and an estimated 25% of people wearing glasses moving to progressives as they age, VSP offers the lowest out-of-pocket cost of vision care with a typical annual savings of $220. Not to mention all VSP plans include savings for progressive lenses.

Benefits to VSP Members

  • Individual plans cover a comprehensive eye exam, new frames, and lenses every year
  • ALL plans include savings for progressive lenses
  • Lowest out-of-pocket costs in vision care
  • Special deals on glasses – an extra $20 to spend on featured frame brands
  • Access to up to $2,500 in additional savings
  • Up to $60 on digital hearing aids
  • Member Promise: We guarantee your members will be happy, or we’ll make it right