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Our Annual Post-AEP Survey Results Are In!

February 7, 2023

Sometimes, being an independent agent can feel like you’re on an island with no point of comparison for how you’re feeling or performing compared to others. Even the most seasoned agents may have questions about their business compared to others at their level. Not too long ago, we sent a survey to our agents asking about their experience with this AEP, and we’re pleased to announce that the results are in! 

The biggest piece of feedback that we received was no surprise --- many agents were frustrated by the new recording and disclaimer requirements on phone calls. So much so that their shifted how they performed their meetings this year. Many of you said that you moved back to in-person meetings so that you wouldn’t have to worry about recording the phone calls. This is after so many moved to virtual meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the overwhelming majority reported that less than 10% of their business was done remotely this year.

All of that aside and even with these added challenges, over 63% of you reported that this year was more successful than last!

Many agents are also seeing the benefit of expanding their book of business by utilizing referrals. If you have a great appointment, leave a handful of business cards with your client and remind them how grateful you are for referrals. If you think about how many people the average person knows, and how most people trust recommendations from their friends and family, the growth potential is enormous!

The full results are below.


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