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IMPORTANT UPDATES from Humana - ID Cards / Member Transition in book of business / Medicaid status letters / Welcome letters DSNP RX copays

December 1, 2022

Along with amazing strides in growth and strategy comes some noise. Humana makes an effort to share updates the minute they are aware of issues in order to help create a strategy to reduce stress.  4 Topics that have come to light; 

  • Questions coming up regarding member cards.  Humana has changed the card to read the issue date (date the card is created) instead of the effective date. It may cause some confusion but just advise their effective date hasn’t changed.  Also they have removed copay information.  The card will appear as below.  If the member is a DSNP member, their Healthy Allowance card will be shipped separately the 2nd week of December and be in a white envelope that says Humana.

  • Plan Transition showing in book of business.  Every year there are a few updates – let’s get to what the answer is – always look at “view all customers”  if the member is active here they are all set.  If you click applications and policies it will show what they have and or what has changed.

  • DSNP members getting welcome letters with co-pays on occasion.  Medicare requires carriers send out the welcome letter by a specific date.  If Medicaid couldn’t confirm on that date – the letter shows copays.  As long as you run the member on Humana's verification tool, they advised to tell the member to disregard that letter. When Humana runs it a second time it populates and the member gets a second letter showing $0’s for copays. If you prepare them for the possibility of the letter, it reduces their frustration.  The first letter cannot be stopped as it is a Medicare requirement.

  • DSNP welcome letter. Members are starting to receive welcome letters. On the bottom of the first page it states “what are your costs since you qualify for extra help” In that section it states there are prescription copayments for extra help. Your members have more than extra help with Medicaid so the information is upsetting to the members. We have reached out to see if this can be addressed but the real issue is it’s already out there, so how do we address this. Below is a picture of the letter and a picturefrom the Summary of Benefits. Anyone qualified to be on the H5970-020DSNP Plan will have this benefit for prescription drug plans.
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