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October 7, 2022

The Annual Election Period (AEP) is your bread and butter for new sales. UPMC's goal is to help you focus on writing new business and growing your client base during this time of the year. However, for a lot of you, current UPMC for Life members, those who you’ve helped in the past, are still a crucial part of your lifeline. So, UPMC wanted to send you a quick reminder of how we’re helping with new sales vs. member retention to keep your mind at ease and eyes on the prize!
Focus on new business. There’s a lot to talk about!―Now that you’ve completed the annual training, you know there’s some new and exciting plans and benefits to discuss with leads.

  • For western PA, there is a lot of excitement about the PPO Choice Rx plan. This plan has a monthly premium of $23 and will allow UPMC to get the beneficiaries who were never able to join because of provider network.
  • For central PA, the front runner is the new PPO Premier Rx plan with a $0 monthly plan premium and $50 monthly Part B premium reduction, it’s putting money back in the beneficiary’s pockets.

 You can be confident in knowing that the new PPO plan options can go toe-to-toe with competitors, featuring enhanced extra benefits and award-winning customer service! If you spoke to a Medicare beneficiary last year and they were concerned about provider network or the PPO plan options, reach back out to them! Let them know that they have been heard and share the exciting news.
YOUR book of business is protected!―Once you write your client to a UPMC for Life plan, that beneficiary is yours. If the beneficiary ever decides to change their plan, whether it’s HMO to HMO, HMO to PPO or PPO to HMO, you will remain as the agent of record if there is no break in coverage. Please keep in mind that plan changes are non-commissionable.
Once you’re in, you’re family!―Rest assured, you can be confident that your clients are in good hands. UPMC for Life continues to have a 96% retention rate, which can be attributed to many reasons that you already know, but to sum it up…it’s because they treat members like family. UPMC for Life’s goal is to help members access the best quality care and get the best value possible.
Feel like switching it up? No problem!―Most of UPMC's members remain on the plans they initially enrolled into. But if not, members can switch to a different UPMC for Life plan several different ways:

  • Call the Health Care Concierge team at 1-877-539-3080 (TTY: 711), seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They can do a plan change over the phone or in the case of a HMO/PPO change, a telephonic enrollment will be     done. Remember, if they are your client, they will remain your client.
  • Electronically through Cavulus. You can email your client the plan change form directly from the system.
  • Attend a member meeting either in-person or virtually. To search for upcoming meetings for our members, click here.
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Questions? Call us at 855-888-8326.

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