AHIP 2019 is Coming!

The 2021 AHIP Medicare Training Season Will Launch on June 22, 2020!

CareValue is all about supporting our agents. That is why our agents will be able to access AHIP’s 2021 Medicare certification for only $125.* That is a $50 savings to you just for being part of our team! Simply use the link below to access your Medicare certification training:

Click Here to instantly receive AHIP for $125.00

Before you dive in to complete this obligation, there are changes to the Marketing Medicare Advantage and Fraud, Waste and Abuse training layout that you need to be aware of.

We highlight these changes below, so you will be prepared when June 22 rolls around!

  • Mandatory Completion of AHIP Review Questions

Users must complete all review questions, located at the end of each training module, before moving forward with the training. The review questions allow an unlimited number of attempts. The review questions serve as a study tool and help users realize what areas they may need to focus on prior to the final exam.

Note: Review questions are not counted towards the AHIP final exam and are only for studying purposes.

  • Streamlined Content & AHIP FAQ Section

The content within the 2021 AHIP training will include headings with topic names to help users find subject matter easier.

AHIP will also be launching a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on their Medicare website to assist users with any training questions. If you find your question is not addressed in the FAQ, you can contact support@ahipinsuranceeducation.org for assistance.

As more information about carrier certifications becomes available, you will be able to find it in CareValue’s Medicare Agent Resource Center (M.A.R.C) or our new carrier certification requirement page located in CareValue’s M.A.R.C. You must log in to CareValue.com to view carrier certification information.  If you would like more information on how to partner with CareValue to access this information and more, register here!

*For agent use only. Not for use with consumers. Certain exclusions and limitations may apply. Not affiliated with the United States government or the federal Medicare program.

To receive the discounted AHIP training course, agents must enroll in AHIP’s training program via CareValue Marketing’s specific training link. Enrollments for the promotion for AHIP to cover the cost of the agent’s AHIP training must be with carriers the agent is appointed with through CVI, with eligibility for this program being determined by CVI. Agent must abide by CVI’s compliance program described to participate in the promotion. Agent must be new and directly appointment to CareValue. within the qualifying year. Enrollments for this promotion for AHIP must abide by CVI’s compliance program. Members must be enrolled for 90 days.

Not affiliated with or endorsed by the Federal Government or Social Security Administration.

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