WPA Life: CHANGE to the NEW MEMBER Guaranteed Issue Special

William Penn Association (WPA)

William Penn Association is pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2019, they are lifting the agent selling restrictions – and have made the decision to allow ALL agents to submit applications, and receive commission, for the 2019 Guaranteed Issue Convention Year New Member Special.

Below will find the GI flyer/disclaimer (that must be completed and submitted with every application) and a “frequently asked questions” PDF that should answer most of your questions. For agents that were not previously approved – or those that might not have submitted a new application for a while – William Penn Association highly encourages you to view our training video (in the agent’s portal of our website using the password @g3nts709) to see how to properly complete the GI application as well as any required forms. ALL required forms for your state can now be downloaded from that site as well.

William Penn Association also wants to take this opportunity to remind all agents that, although this is true guaranteed issue (with day 1 coverage – no waiting period) we are asking ALL agents to apply proper field underwriting techniques and follow the following guidelines:

  • Applications should not be submitted on any person that is currently confined to a hospital or nursing home/LTC facility
  • Applications should not be submitted on any person that is known to be or diagnosed as being terminally ill (been told they have less than 2 years to live)

Since this offer is made using any of William Penn Association’s traditional life plans, (Ordinary life, 20 Pay life, LP 65 and SPWL) there are NO special rates for this offer – you simply use our regular posted rates for the product you are offering. Please see the rate calculator and FAQ sheet below.

Questions? Give us a call at 855-888-8326!

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