William Penn Association: 3rd Quarter Agent Bonus

ALL William Penn Association Agents

This week WPA mailed out the second quarter bonus checks to all bonus-qualifying agents. This quarter WPA paid over $10,000 in bonus money to 67 agents, and the top earner took home over $1,500. The leading agents consistently earn over $1,000 in bonus money each quarter.

Take some time to review the third quarter bonus program, then set your goals to take advantage of ALL of the incentive compensation available at WPA. The quarterly bonus bulletin can now be viewed under the agents tab at www.wpalife.org along with the updated training videos and ALL life and annuity applications. To access the agent portal you’ll need the following password: @g3nts709.

For the third quarter WPA is paying $60 for each new “life member.” This bonus applies to ALL new life members, including juvenile members!  We’re paying $45 for each single-pay juvenile term plan, and $20 for the annual-pay juvenile plan, so if you combine the $20 product bonus and $60 new member bonus, you’ll earn a total of $80 for selling a new member juvenile term plan! (And, $105 if it’s a single-pay term!) Since the juvenile term and SPWL plans carry their own product bonus, they don’t count towards the 3-life minimum for the “permanent and adult term life sales” bonus. The entry point for this bonus is 3 sales. Three life certificates (non juvenile SPWL or term) issued this quarter will earn you an extra $150 in bonus money – and – the more certificates your produce, the higher your bonus will be.

Our goal in the Sales department is consistent membership and new business growth on all lines of business. This continued growth can only be accomplished through a combined team effort by the field and home office.  Here at the home office we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our agents and will continue to provide the ongoing support that will make it easier for you to sell and service WPA products.

Click for full details >>> 3rd Q 2019 Bonus Flyer

Good luck and great selling! Have questions, Call us at (855) 888-8326.

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