What Can Medicare Agents Do Prior to AEP?

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Myth: There is nothing you can do before October 15 to prepare for Annual Enrollment Period.


We all know that Medicare Annual Enrollment Period begins on October 15, but the guidelines around what and when agents can start their marketing and selling can be a little murky. CareValue is going to help you break it down!

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until October 15 to start the marathon that is AEP! October 1 is when you can officially begin marketing 2021 plans to your clients if you’re careful to follow the rules. Don’t miss out – we’re here to help you maximize your marketing potential for the first two weeks before AEP officially begins.

Between October 1 and October 15 agents MAY:

✔ Take appointments

✔ Conduct meetings

✔ Leave enrollment kits and applications with clients to review


Prior to October 15 agents and clients MAY NOT:

✘ Sign or submit an enrollment application

✘ Sign and date an enrollment application

✘ Encourage completion of, solicit, or accept enrollments – this includes “just holding on to” completed enrollments


Additional Tips for a Successful pre-AEP

  • Have a good understanding of plan changes and offerings and that you have reviewed CareValue’s “First Look” information.
  • Spend some time trying to review any drastic changes that may impact some of your clients and identify any that may want to adjust their plans. Attempt to prioritize those clients’ meetings to give them time to review plans and enrollment forms.
  • Listen to your clients when you meet with them and giving them your full attention. Remember that this time may be confusing for many people, and helping clients review several potential plans that may fit their needs will only help them feel more comfortable.
  • Evaluate any possible frequent questions that your clients may have, and attempt to answer those questions ahead of time during your client presentation.
  • Stay compliant! Make sure you are documenting your SOA prior to meeting with any enrollees. Utilizing your MedicareValue eSOA will be especially helpful during AEP.
  • REMEMBER that each enrollee must complete their own application and sign it with the current date prior to submitting it.

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Until AEP Begins!

October 15, 2020