Wellcare Application Reminder!

Wellcare Application Reminder!



October 26, 2016

Teleservices Reminder


Attention WellCare Producers & Benefit Consultants:

Reminder! It has been brought to our attention that 2016 applications are being used for 2017 plans. Please make sure to use the correct application for the plan year in which the beneficiary is enrolling:

• 2016 applications must be used for the 2016 plan year
• 2017 applications must be used for the 2017 plan year Note: 2017 applications are now available on the secured producer portal. Please download the 2017 application that applies to you:
 • WellCare Application
 • PDP Application

WellCare will not process applications that are submitted with the incorrect plan year; the correct application with the proper plan year will need to be re-submitted. Note: Incorrect applications will risk timely coverage for the beneficiary.