We Stand as Your Strong & Stable Health Care Carrier

DID YOU KNOW: UnitedHelath Group climbed to number six on this year’s Fortune 500 list – eights spots higher than our listing on last years Fortune listing.

The Fortune 500 list is based on a company’s  2015 revenues. This years jump to number six is largely driven by a 20 percent gain in overall UnitedHealth Group revenue last year.

As UnitedHealth Group continues to evolve, our work now affects the lives of 100 million global customers. Continued growth is dependant on the enterprise’s ability to innovate and provide a quality experience in the eyes of the people we serve.

Both UnitedHealthcare and Optum contributed to solid growth in 2015. The number of consumers to which we provide medical benefits  grew by 1.75 million individuals, and Optum revenue grew 42 percent – including percent revenue growth from OptumRx.

UnitedHealthcare strives to be a strong, stable choice in Upstate New York and remains focused on delivering quality, value and stability to you and your clients.

For these reasons and more, makes it an ideal opportunity to CERTIFY & SELL with UnitedHealthcare for th 2017 season! – Certification opens June 27, 2016.

Learn more about how UnitedHealthcare can support you this selling season by contacting us.


2011-2016 rankings comparisons
Here’s how the company measures up in this year’s rankings and a snapshot of its progression over the last six years.

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