Universal American (UAM) / Texan Plus Sales Support Line Transition

UAM / TexanPlus Sales Support Line Transition

Please be advised Universal American has completed the migration to WellCare platforms. In order to ensure a smooth transition, the UAM Sales Support Line has remained open.

Effective 5/16, the UAM Sales Support line will no longer be available to assist with calls related to SPOP, Billing, Claims, etc. Please download the following contact chart for numbers that support these call types.

WellCare Contacts Chart

Effective 7/15, the UAM Sales Support line will no longer be active and all agents must use the appropriate WellCare contact method to address inquiries:

Note: Those who attempt to call the line past the shut-off date will receive a voicemail indicating the line is no longer available and to contact the WellCare resources listed in this message.

Questions, give us a call at 855-888-8326!

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