UHC Member Welcome Call Notification. Action Required – Please Read

UHC Member Welcome Call Notification. Action Required – Please Read

Good afternoon everyone,


We have been getting a number of complaints from agents stating that members are getting welcome phone calls from UHC and then being given incorrect information regarding their networks.  UHC representatives have been telling members that Strong Hospitals and U of R doctors are not in their network.


This has already been addressed with UHC and they are currently training their representatives.  However, they have requested our help.


When solidifying your enrollment, please tell the member they will receive a welcome call from UHC.  Immediately upon receiving the phone call, ask the member to get a reference number and name of the representative calling.  Tell them, “If your network is communicated differently to you than I stated, contact me immediately with the reference number and name of representative.”


Please pass along this information to us so we can forward it to the UHC corporate office.  With these reference numbers, they will listen to the calls and get to the bottom of the problem to make sure this stops happening.


UHC understands the magnitude of this situation.  By you providing the reference numbers and names, it will enable UHC to properly train the representatives making the outbound calls and eliminate this issue.  The more reference numbers we can provide to UHC, the easier it will be to pinpoint the problem.