Time.MedicareValue Contest!

It’s TIME to Win a Watch from CareValue

Are you currently utilizing our Time.MedicareValue site to incorporate informational content for your clients in your own marketing efforts? If not, you should be!

We’re so convinced in the power of Time.MedicareValue.com that we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Or more appropriately, sitting back and watching you succeed!

 Share a minimum of three posts per week from Time.MedicareValue (or a minimum total of 12 posts per month) and you’ll be entered to win a high-end designer watch from CareValue. We’re giving away one each month for October, November, and December.

Download the flyer for complete details and get started today. We all know how much time flies these last few months of the year.

Not sure on how to share to your business pages? Make sure to visit the Time.MedicareValue Resource Center for instructions and even more tips for your marketing!

We’ve also put together a working list of the content currently available on Time.MedicareValue.com and suggested post verbiage.


Official Rules

  • Agents must share a minimum of three posts per week from Time.MedicareValue.com or a minimum total of 12 posts per month.
  • Posts may include older content from the site that has not been shared on agent’s FB page in the past – as long as it is relevant.
  • Agents must use the hashtag #timeformedicare in all of their posts in order for CareValue to be able to count the post as part of the promotion.
  • For every post above and beyond the minimum requirements, agent will receive and additional entry in the contest—not to exceed 5 additional entries per month.
  • Additionally, each agent must have at least 5 MedicareValue submissions during the month.
  • On the first of each month, the contest will refresh and all previous month entries will not count towards the existing month.
  • CareValue reserves the right to discount an agents post if it is deemed to be not in the spirit of the contest.
  • Must be contracted, licensed, and appointed with Care Value Inc. and have a SEAL to be entered.


Contest Dates and Prizes

Download the flyer for full details and information

Learn how to share content and review some of our best practices for your own marketing

Questions? Give us a shout at 855-888-8326.

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