UnitedHealthcare Facebook Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road UnitedHealthcare provides pre-approved materials for agents* to use to promote themselves on their business Facebook accounts.   Before using pre-approved materials on Facebook Follow these guidelines to ensure your Facebook profile is compliant: You must use a professional Facebook account, not a personal account or multi-purpose ... Read More

UnitedHealthcare Update: DSNP – OTC

Important UHC Product Eligibility Notice IHA regularly reviews guidance and regulations from CMS as it relates to OTC product eligibility to ensure that clients, and valued cardholders, are receiving a high quality and compliant service from OTC Network card programs. This year, IHA reviewed multiple sources of documentation from CMS and other ... Read More

Advance Communication: Added Training Session this Friday! UnitedHealthcare Toolkit

Added Training Session this Friday! UnitedHealthcare Toolkit Due to popular demand, a new UnitedHealthcare Toolkit training has been added for this Friday, March 15. Sign up today to learn how using the right marketing materials can help you grow your business! UnitedHealthcare Toolkit Training Register for 1 p.m. CT, Friday, ... Read More

UnitedHealthcare Update: Medicare Supplement Incentives are Now Possible!

Good News! NY Sales Will be Included in 2019 Bonus Programs for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans The 2019 incentive programs for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company, will include New York sales. The New York Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) has notified UnitedHealthcare of a change to ... Read More