Cigna News You Can Use

Cigna’s Dental Allowance Covers Preventive Services Cigna’s dental allowance can be used for preventive and comprehensive services, including fillings, extractions, dentures and crowns. While providers often submit claims directly to Cigna, customers may also submit a Direct Member Reimbursement (DMR) by using an ADA Dental Claim form and an itemized receipt. ... Read More

Cigna 2020 Medicare Advantage Agent Certification Is Now Available!

Cigna 2020 Medicare Advantage Agent Certification Cigna is excited to announce that Cigna 2020 Medicare Advantage agent certification is now available! Visit to get started! For more information on the certification process, please click here to view the 2020 Certification Roadmap. Cigna encourages all new and returning agents to ... Read More

New Service for Cigna-HealthSpring Dental Customers

Cigna-HealthSpring – DentaQuest Some Cigna-HealthSpring customers in select markets have had a problem finding a dentist in the DentaQuest network. This is primarily in areas where DentaQuest supplements their contract network with a rental network. What Cigna-HealthSpring Is Doing About It: DentaQuest Member Concierge DentaQuest is now offering Cigna-HealthSpring customers ... Read More

Cigna-HealthSpring: OEP Training Webinar Now Available

As your partner of choice, Cigna-HealthSpring is committed to providing you with the tools and resources that you need to be successful during 2019 Lock-In. The first of three pre-recorded Lock-In webinars, Open Enrollment Period: What’s New and Different, has been added to Cigna-HealthSpring’s Producers’ University for your reference. This ... Read More