1MM: Aetna AEP2020 Certification Check-In

This week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): AEP2020 Certification Check-In AHIP Certification STEP 1: Successfully complete all training modules and exams to sell Aetna’s 2020 MAPD plans. Note that the 2020 certification process includes AHIP offered at a discounted price of $125, that is a savings of $50 off the AHIP ... Read More

2020 Certification is Live | Portfolio Selling Webinars

Medicare Producer News 2020 Aetna MA/MAPD certification is here Learn how you can sell 2020 SilverScript PDP New webinars: Learn more about portfolio selling 2020 producer certification for MA/MAPD products is here Agents can now complete the 2020 producer certification process for Aetna MA/MAPD products. It’s just one of the requirements ... Read More

1MM: All About Aetna AEP 2020

This week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): PREPERATION- Are you ready for AEP 2020 Aetna Ready-to-sell requirements Before selling Aetna MA/MAPD products, all agents, principals and payees must be “ready to sell.” To become ready to sell, they must be certified, contracted, licensed in the applicable states, and appointed by Aetna ... Read More

1MM: Preparing for a Successful AEP

This week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Preparing for a successful AEP Aetna’s 2020 Individual Medicare producer certification process for MAPD products kicks off on July 10 at Our certification includes AHIP, plus several Aetna-specific training modules, and costs $125. That’s $50 off the retail price for AHIP. Learn more. ... Read More

Aetna Portfolio Selling: 2020 Certification Starts 7/10

Medicare Producer News 2020 producer certification begins July 10 Offer your clients more with portfolio selling Are you ready for the new contracting tool? Contracting blackout period until July 1 Why do Star Ratings matter? 2020 producer certification begins July 10 The producer certification process for 2020 Aetna Medicare MA/MAPD ... Read More

1MM: How technology can improve your business

This week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): How technology can improve your business. Technology profoundly impacts your business’ daily operations. No matter the size of your business, technology has both tangible/intangible benefits that will yield your return on investment. (ROI) Did you know Aetna offers a Virtual Sales App technology to ... Read More

Aetna: New Contracting Process will begin July 1

Update: New Contracting Process will Begin July 1 As you know, Aetna is transitioning to a new enhanced contracting process for MA/MAPD products. We’re extremely excited about the efficiencies this new process will bring (e.g., it’s going to exponentially shorten and simplify the entire contracting process). To help ensure a ... Read More

1MM: Aetna’s MAPD Fitness Benefit

This week’s 1 Minute Monday (1MM): Did you know all Aetna New York MAPD plans offer a FREE Fitness benefit? A savings on average of $800 dollars a year! With the financial cost covered by their plan Aetna MAPD members can stay focused on living a healthier life! Studies show ... Read More