See What’s New with Humana’s 2020 Sales Materials

What’s New with Sales Materials for 2020?

Business Reply Envelope used for applications will be included in the enrollment book.  You will receive a set of labels that will need to be placed on the business reply envelopes prior to 10/15. The label was created to notify members that they should not mail applications prior to 10/15.  These labels are required to be placed on any enrollment book handed out prior to 10/15.

2019 plan rating will be included in all enrollment books as a perforated document.  When the 2020 plan rating is available, you will need to remove the 2019 plan rating and replace with the 2020 version.  The 2020 version will be sent out electronically.  All enrollment book orders received after the 2020 plan rating is available, will receive the 2020 plan rating as a separate piece.

OTC form and Catalog will include color and pictures as descriptions for the products available.

Enrollment Book changes include:
Enrollment books will no longer be accompanied by an envelope, they will have a pocket in the back.  Envelopes will be available to be ordered separately through the order site.  Some enrollment books will have the plan information on the front and some may have the plan information on the back.  Enrollment books will be color coded based on product type. Full Enrollment Book contents.

Click here for materials catalog overview
Password: humana

Order site enhancements
You will now be able to create a profile in the order site that will set up your ordering preferences.  The county and state selection has been combined into a pop-up frame that is legible on 1 page.

When will 2020 sales materials be available and how do I order them?
Sales materials will be available to order on July 17th.  If you recertify/certify prior to this date, you will receive and e-mail on July 17th with the order site link to order materials. Learn more.

See Job Aid to assist with ordering.

If you have any questions, please call us at 855-888-8326.

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