What Is Secure Email?

Secure email means that emails with sensitive information in them are encrypted, meaning they are not sent through “open” email channels. Instead the email goes to a secure portal where the email recipient must log in to view the email content.



Why Should I Care?

Passage of the HITECH Act extended HIPPA requirements — for the first time — beyond doctors, hospitals and health insurers to include service providers to the health care industry (such as insurance brokers and agencies). Enforcement of the new law began in February 2010.



How Can I Protect Myself?

You can get secure email service from Zix Corporation and begin protecting yourself and your clients. Go to for more information.

Note: Care Value is not charging for this service. It is purchased directly through Zix.



How Can I Open Secure Email from Care Value?

Emails from Care Value that contain sensitive information — such as Social Security numbers, account numbers or member IDs — will be encrypted.

When you receive a secure email from Care Value, follow these instructions

1. Open the email in your inbox with the subject line “zix secure” and locate the link to the Care Value Portal.


2. If you are a first-time user, you will need to create an account — simply enter your email and a password


3. A notification email will be sent to you. Activate your secure account using the link contained in the email and confirm.




4. The link will take you back to the portal site where you need to enter your email address and the password you just created. Your secure email box will open immediately.



5. To log into your account later, visit

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