AllRep: Secure Application Manager (SAM)

Managing a business can be tough, so we designed AllRep to give our clients all the tools they need whenever they need them.  Now, we’ve made it even better.  Our contracted agents can get free access to AllRep™, its lead management tools, online quoting technology, pre-filled carrier forms, and our BRAND NEW Secure Application Manager (SAM).

With SAM, agents can upload enrollment applications and send them directly to our New Business department for processing.  It’s more secure than email, and more reliable than faxing.  You’ll even receive notifications when your application has been saved and submitted to the carrier.  Using SAM, you can track your application every step of the way.

Securely Upload Your Apps

Receive Notifications

Track Your Submissions

“SAM is working fantastic! It has already made turning in apps and tracking the progress a SNAP!!  Thank you very much for all of the effort and support with the training!”

– Rob M.

“I used SAM last week and it went very well, I did as instructed in our training and my two apps. Went to you and were processed seamlessly. I love SAM so far!”

– Jodie B.

“I used the new system today and it worked very well.  This system will reduce agent errors and speed up application processes.  I look forward to continuing to submit applications.”

– Joel S.

“SAM is convenient, fast and very user friendly. It guides you through the process step-by-step and it even has some, if not all of your information stored for faster submission. If mistakes are made, SAM will notify you on the spot so you can correct or fix the mistakes being made. The whole process took me less than a minute to complete. I would highly recommend SAM to all agents/brokers with or without experience. Thank you.”

– Will P.

“SAM gives me the confidence to know that my applications are submitted in good order. I really like that I can see the status of all submissions for all of the carriers I’m contracted with.”

– Mathieu S.



Have questions about SAM?

Give one of our licensed Sales Directors a call at 585.577.1010 or email info@carevalue.com to learn more about our secure application submission process.