Scope of Appointment Guidance from Cigna HealthSpring!

Cigna HealthSpring Scope of Appointment
What’s new?
We are pleased to announce Cigna-HealthSpring will no longer require Scope of Appointment (SOA) forms to be submitted 48-hours prior to a sales appointment.
  • This change is effective immediately and is consistent with updated Medicare Marketing Guidelines.
  • Cigna-HealthSpring training and job aids have already been updated to reflect this change.
What’s the same?
Other SOA guidelines and best practices have not changed:
  • While the 48-hour rule no longer applies, a signed SOA is still required prior to a sales appointment.
  • Agents may only discuss what is outlined in the signed SOA.  If a need arises to discuss products outside of the previously signed SOA, then the agent must obtain a newly signed SOA.
  • TeleScope is Cigna-HealthSpring’s recommended solution for completing an SOA. You may place a three-way call with your prospect and our TeleScope rep by dialing 1.866.398.6055; you will receive a confirmation number verifying that the SOA has been recorded.
  • When faxing in a Cigna-HealthSpring SOA form, both page one and page two (i.e., the reverse side of page one with the legal disclaimer language) must be submitted to ensure compliance.  See attached sample for more information.
Additional reminders:
  • An SOA must accompany every application at the time of submission.  In the event that the SOA is missing, Cigna-HealthSpring will immediately contact the agent to ensure that the SOA is received within 14 days of the application received date.
  • If we have not received a compliant SOA within the 14-day timeframe, a CMS violation may be issued in the form of a sales development action or SDAC.
  • An SOA is not needed for a beneficiary to attend a formal or informal Marketing/Sales Event.  An SOA will only be required if the prospect requests a future individual appointment. The SOA for that future individual appointment can be completed at the event (where the prospect made that request).

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If you have any questions regarding the Scope of Appointment process, please contact a CareValue™ Sales Director at 855.888.8326.