Royal Arcanum: Fall into Cash Sales Contest

Qualifying Products – 20 Pay, Life Paid @ 65, Whole Life, Simplified Issue


$500 bonus for 5 issued applications of any combination of 20 pay, whole life, Life paid@65, or Simplified Issue.
$1,000 bonus for 9 issued application of any combination of 20 pay, whole life, Life paid at 65, or Simplified Issue.


  • Agents must be in good standing with RA.
  • Agents must have a minimum of 75% persistency rating rolling 24 months.
  • *Only applications submitted between 9/1/19 thru 10/31/19 count.
  • *Applications must be approved / issued by 10/31/19.
  • *Personal business does not count.

Bonus paid by November 15th.

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