Refer and Earn

Who We Are
Medicare MarketSales® is a team of dedicated
insurance agents who are licensed,
contracted and certified in all 50 states to
provide Medicare advice and products.

What We Do
Based in upstate, New York, our purpose is to
serve as a “back office,” or support service, to
everyone from independent financial
advisors to insurance agents who do not
specialize in Medicare insurance. Our
Licensed Insurance Agents conduct a needs
analysis with each client to ensure they arrive
at decisions that are right for them. They
advise clients solely on Medicare and Part D
products from insurance carriers that are “A”-
rated or better, always with the clients’ needs
taking top priority.

How We Help You
Medicare MarketSales strengthens your
relationship with clients or employees
by providing them a source of accurate,
dependable information and making their
search for Medicare answers easier and