Do you struggle to find the time to manage your leads?

With CareValue’s PreSet Appointment Program, you can focus your time on selling instead of calling!


  • We utilize your purchased BRC mailer from one of our approved vendors
  • We use a CMS-compliant phone script to contact your leads
  • Appointments are set around your provided schedule
  • We use active listening to generate detailed notes about each prospect – turning cold calls into warm welcomes
  • You may pay by check or credit card – Download Credit Card Form
  • Agents typically order 10 to 20 appointments on their first preorder
  • Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a form to complete your availability
  • You will need to purchase a BRC Mailer from one of our approved vendors
  • The leads purchased within the last 90 days will need to be loaded into AllRep for the appointment setters to call them
  • BRC returns are dialed first, followed by the NR-BRC’s (the cards that we did not receive a response from)
  • Your leads will be called on until your order has been fulfilled
  • Calls will not resume until another order is placed
  • The number of calls needed and time taken to fulfill an order varies
  • The cost per appointment is the same regardless of the number of calls
  • There is no cost for the number of leads contacted; you only pay for the number of appointments made
  • An opportunity is offered to review their Medicare Coverage
  • You are positioned as a local expert who will put their needs first
  • They are asked to take down the day and time of the appointment, the agent’s name, and CareValue’s phone number
  • They are asked where to park and which door to use to reinforce that someone is coming to their home
  • The potential clients are not prequalified for enrollment during the call
  • They know someone is coming over to discuss their Medicare Coverage

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