New PlanRight Updates to Foresters Final Expense

On December 8th, Foresters will be repricing PlanRight to align with the new 2017 CSO mortality tables. The update also includes the following changes:

Newly-Branded Plans

  • Level, Graded and Modified are now Preferred, Standard and Basic
  • New minimum face amount of $5,000 on all plans
  • A 100% death benefit, based on the face amount, from day 1 on the newly-branded Standard plan

Simplified Application and Shorter PHI

  • Streamlined health questions improving application flow
  • Easier to qualify for Standard and Preferred plans
  • Shortened PHI providing instant eligibility over the phone and now 5 minutes faster

New Riders & Competitive Rates

  • Family Health Benefit Rider available on all plans
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for Terminal Illness on select plans (Family Health Benefit rider is available on all plans, while Accelerated Death Benefit rider for Terminal Illness is only available on Standard and Preferred Plans)
  • Same rates on the Preferred Plan and lower rates for select non-tobacco users (reduced rates are applicable only to male non-tobacco users, ages 65-70 and female non-tobacco users, ages 64-70)

Please find attached the following for further information on the new PlanRight:

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October 15, 2020