NY State of Health – Small Business Marketplace Broker Updates

NY State of Health – Small Business Marketplace Broker Updates


Small Business Marketplace Broker Updates

January 2017


Individual Marketplace Reminders:

  • Open enrollment for QHP’s closed January 31st.
  • QHP coverage begins March 1st when enrollment is completed by January 31st.
  • There is continuous (all year) open enrollment if eligible for Medicaid, Essential Plan and Child Health Plus.


Small Business Marketplace Reminders:

  • An eligible small business can enroll at any time during the calendar year. Businesses must enroll by the 15th of the month for coverage to be effective on the 1st of the next month.
  • ID card requests should be directed to the applicable carrier.
  • Rate sheets for 2017 are available on the website, second quarter rate sheets will be posted the first week of February.  You can access rate sheets here: Small Business Marketplace Rate Sheets.
  • New account holders are required to go through identity proofing when first creating their company account.  When going through the identity proofing process, personal information should be used, not company information. Many account holders fail identity proofing because they do not understand this requirement.



  • The SHOP team will be holding various webinar’s throughout 2017.
  • All brokers with expired certifications should have re-certified with the New York State of Health. If you have not re-certified, but still wish to, please log onto your account by and follow the re-certification link.


Tip of the Month!


2017 health plan customer service phone numbers and provider network links are available on our website for both QHP and the Essential Plan. You can access them here.