Newsletter: WellCare Writes – 9/9/2016 – 1099 Producers!

Newsletter: WellCare Writes – 9/9/2016 – 1099 Producers!



September 9, 2016




Need Assistance?

Please contact your local District Sales Manager or WellCare Producer Services via message or phone at 866-822-1339.

Producer Service Hours:
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST


Important Note!

The information contained within this communication supersedes all previous correspondence for the topics above.



Please make sure to update WellCare with your latest contact information including addresses, phone number and e-mail.


Prior WellCare Writes

For archived WellCare Writes newsletters please visit our Producer News page on our WellCare Producer Site.


A newsletter on insight to important producer topics…

Replenishing your 2017 Starter Kits

As previously communicated, the 2017 Sales Starter Kit Package will be shipped on 9/20/16 to the shipping address on file with WellCare. Producers who are in a certified status will receive 1 starter kit package. Producer Services will begin taking requests for additional starter kits via e-mail after 10/1/16 with the following information:

• First name
• Last name
• Producer ID (PID)
• Shipping address
• Plan specific (MAPD or PDP)
• Plan name
• County name
• Supply amount

NOTE: Requests will be evaluated and approved on an individual basis.


2017 Training Deadline

Reminder! 2017 WellCare training requirements must be completed by 9/30/16 in order to avoid suspension from marketing/selling 2016 and 2017 WellCare products. Once you are training complete, your ACT and AHIP will display in the completed tab of your WellCare University transcript.



Note: Allow up to 24-48 hours for your AHIP training to transfer to WellCare University. Once received, you will see SM 2017 AHIP Completion Tracking Module.


10/1 Marketing Activity

Beginning 10/1/16, producers can meet with beneficiaries to market 2017 plans. Reference the materials below for additional information regarding marketing WellCare plans.

• Producer’s First Looks: Detailed/specific county/plan information including the benefits of being a WellCare producer
•  Producer’s Personalized URL (PURL) Guide: An overview on how to utilize your PURL for prospective member support
•  Provider Look-Up Instructions: A step-by-step on how to search providers on our WellCare site
•  Plan Material Search Instructions: A step-by-step on how to navigate plan materials on our WellCare site
• Event Definition Tools ( Site-Based, Provider-Based, Event Definition): Guidelines to follow when managing/hosting events

Note: These materials are available on the Secured Producer Portal.


Need-to-Know Links

Save our links! Take advantage of the WellCare site pages available at your finger tips:

Secured Producer Portal: Browse marketing/sales materials, documents, tools and more
WellCare Producer Site: Access producer resources including important numbers, formularies and archived producer news communications
Find a Provider: Search our provider list
Agent Assisted Enrollment Tool: Assist members with their WellCare enrollment process





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